meet the minds behind the magic

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Lisa Williamson


Lisa and her husband started the company together in 2012, from ground zero. Soon after, once the business got some momentum, Lisa took over the operation, and has proven to have a knack for managing all the many moving parts of a production facility. Her true skill may be her creative side in which she helps people bring their designs to reality. She has always had a passion for art and design, and many of her previous 15 years as a stay at home mom entailed side gigs in interior design and photography. Lisa is crazy about her three dogs, two daughters, and husband…usually. 😊

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Wes Eaton

Lead Pressman

Wes is a proud and attentive husband and father, first and foremost. Around here, he makes printing shirts look easy, when it is anything but easy.  Aside from managing the production crew, he is a master ink mixer, press operator, and fearless handyman. Skateboarding and chasing his son around are his favorites past times.  


Logan Kaufman

Screen Printing Assistant

Logan has been working with us in the pressroom, while attending the University of Memphis. For fun, he enjoys building computers, hanging with his dog Lucien, and skateboarding around Memphis with his friends.  

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Kai Aaron

Customer Service Representative


Kai is a quirky and fun illustrator with over ten years of experience in creative design with a knack for customer service. She cares about getting things right and helping customers bring their ideas to life. She is on the “front-lines” of processing artwork, proofs, and quotes, and as such, little happens without her involvement. She is a devoted wife, creative entrepreneur, and possible cat hoarder. jk


Kaci Renfroe



The process of embroidery is a skill which Kaci has been working on since 2013, and has near mastered. She runs the embroidery department and is often working with our customers directly as their project winds through the process. Kaci is low key and unassuming by day. By night she is a singer with a local jazz fusion band. She loves to laugh with her fiancé and hang with her dog. 


Liz Dodd

Sales Representative


Before Liz started selling apparel at Think Threads in 2016, she worked at Rhodes College for 23 years serving students in all the areas of the Bursar’s office, Financial Aid and the Registrar’s office. After retiring from Rhodes, her daughter, Lisa suggested she come to work for her as a sales representative. Prior, she had never seen herself in sales, but she found that she loves working with customers helping their projects come to life!



Print Pup

Nola was born on the run, she was found somewhere in Mississippi with her siblings. Lisa couldn’t resist that sweet face and added her to the family. She has grown up sleeping in many small spaces from drawers and under desks at Think Threads. Her skills including greeting guest, chasing balls and staring out the window at passing birds.